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  • Who is Liliahna?
    We are a luxury catering company, based in Baltimore and servicing the DMV area for the past five years. We have gained popularity quickly and been recntly awarded the "Top Pro" award on all the major lead generation websites, along with our owner and Executive Chef being awarded "Best Chef of Baltimore" in 2020. Each client and every event gives us opportunities to create new experiences for as many guests as possible. We refuse to merely come and cook the food -- or even worse, just drop it off. Executive Chef and Owner, Brendon Hudson, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with his Assosciates in Culianry Arts and his Bachelors Degree in Entrepreneurship.
  • What is a Liliahna Partner?
    A partner is a self-motivated personal or private chef who is looking to get more business, sooner than later. Each partner will be qualified and vetted by Liliahna team members. Once approved, you will be begin receiving REAL leads from REAL clients who are looking for you. The best part? You don't pay for the lead if the event is not booked.
  • I want more business, but need some help..."
    That's exactly the gap we are aiming to fill, but ethically. There are plenty of "lead gen" companies out there that have seen some success, but unless you have the necessary budget to get to the real leads, it's a huge waste of money. We are a chef-owned company, looking to bring up other amazing chefs. We bring you REAL and VERIFIED leads that want you for their special event. No fake accounts here.
  • Can any chef be a Liliahna Partner? (since I love abbreviations, let's stick with "LP")"
    While any chef can apply to be a LP, we only accept a few. We have an application and multi-step vetting process with requirements for you to be a qualified Liliahna Partner. If you don't meet the requirements, or aren't initially approved...DO NOT STRESS! We will be implementing a "MasterClass" that not only teaches you the basics of setting yourself up for success, but also includes actionable steps that will lead to being an approved partner. While that isn't going to be immediately available, it is expected to launch prior to Q3 2021.
  • How do I make money being a LP?
    By doing what you love: cooking! None of that backend paperwork or software organization. We have a fully-built catering system that organizes each client and their respective events, as well as your specific menus. You will receive the entire agreed-upon contract amount for each event (determined by the the client, you and the Liliahna team) minus a small percentage that will pay for the labor, software, and lead that we provide you. Here is the best part: if the lead doesn't book the event with us, you don't pay a dime!
  • What work am I responsible for while a LP?
    As a LP, you will be responsible for the following items relating to your booked event: Food shopping Food prep/cooking (must have access to a personal or commercial kitchen, including refrigeration) Transportation to and from event Typical chef's utensils
  • Do I cook someone else's menu, or my own?"
    Your choice! Since we (Liliahna) will be handling all of the communication and organization with clients, we will be sending them different menu choices. Prior to you receiving any leads, you will have the option to send us a list of menu items that you are comfortable cooking, and enjoy doing so! If you don't have a specific menu, we will help build one together with you to ensure it's all in your wheelhouse. We aren't advocating for you to be experimenting with dishes in clients homes for the first time.
  • What are we (Liliahna) bringing to the "dinner" table?"
    We are bringing you the client, the software, the organization, and payment processing for each event. Once you are approved to become a partner, you will sign a contract with us and you will start receiving leads shortly after!
  • What are you (LP) bringing to the "dinner" table?"
    You will bring your expertise, your hospitality, and personality to every event you work. You will be required, as mentioned above, to facilitate the event from start to finish (in terms of the shopping, cooking, service, and transportation).
  • What does the Liliahna experience mean for each client?
    You are expected to bring the full Liliahna experience for every event you do. Even though you may be cooking your own menus, you are still a member of the Liliahna team. It sounds cliche, but the client IS always right. Apart from food preparation and service, you will be responsible, but not limited to, the following: Containing all of your gear/food to the kitchen area, and keeping as clean as possible at all times. No usage of phone is permitted during events, unless in emergency situations. You will be responsible for table service (if requested) through the dinner, if you are working the event alone. You need to strive to be as hospitable as possible, and as approachable/comforting as possible. Being in someone else's home, especially their kitchen, is an intimate experience and you need to treat it as such. During COVID, you will be required to be masked the entire time you are in the clients home. No exceptions. The timeline provided on the contract is a suggested timeline, within reason. You are not to rush clients to finish their dinner or dessert, or push them through appetizers if they are behind schedule. You should be ready to allow for a maximum of a one hour (60 minute) grace period during the event for whatever reason. At the end of service, you will be responsible for cleaning up the ENTIRE event. This is an included service in every contract (unless otherwise stated). This includes: Cleaning the entire kitchen, it should look as if you were never there. Cleaning the dining area, washing the plates, utensils, glassware, serving-ware, etc. and drying and stacking somewhere in the kitchen. Wiping down the range, oven, counter, sink, cabinets and and spots on the floor. Removing trash from kitchen, and taking with you to remove (unless otherwise stated by client). The list could go on, but you are a chef! You understand what needs to get done to make it a seamless and luxurious experience for the client. Your job is to bring a full restaurant experience to the client's home, every time. Picture yourself walking into a fine dining restaurant, sitting down, enjoying dinner, and walking out. You should be doing everything to make the sequence of events happen, as streamlined as possible, while keeping the highest standards of hospitality as your biggest priority.
  • What is your "mess up" policy?"
    Simply put, we don't have one. You are representing the Liliahna company, brand, and repuation. If you bring any negative attention to that, you will be immediately released from the partner program. One strike, you're out. To figure out how to stay in good standing, please read and re-read our "What is the Liliahna Experience..." FAQ.
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