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What is a Liliahna Curation?

That's a great question, honestly. It is actually becoming quite common in many big name online-only retailers, the only difference is they don't call it by that name, a "curation".

Do you get a BarkBox every month, a delivery from Dollar Shave Club, or a package of tasty treats from SnackCrate? All of those sites offer the same thing, which in reality, is a curated box. Providing you, the client, with all necessary items to complete a task, whether that task is shaving, providing your dog with treats or having a stocked supply of midnight snacks. Now, here is where the difference between them and us comes in. Luxury.

Liliahna wants to bring that same concept to the dining room table, but create curations that include everything you need for a special date night, decorating for the holidays, or even "Netflix & Chilling". Now imagine, a package delivered to your door with a hand-knit oversized throw blanket, a floral gin gimlet mixer, cocktail shaker & strainer, and two crystal rocks glasses. That's our idea of a perfect night in, and we want to make it yours too.

So, without going into too much more detail and giving to much away, that is what we are about and what we plan to do. Stick with us while we gear up for our first curated launch for the holidays and we hope you enjoy your first Liliahna Curation!

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