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Growing up as a military brat ignited my wanderlust and passion for new experiences. I fell in love with the food, language, and culture of the Alpine region while spending my tween years stationed in Northern Italy. Espresso, gelato, and vino were only a bike ride away and are still dear to my heart. Whenever possible I travel, cook, read, write, teach, pour drinks for everyone, and eat. You might see me with my husband at your local brewpub, scheming our next trip to Europe -or- reading history books and visiting museums with my three homeschooled kids...and all five of us trying to keep up with our crazy German Shepherd, Heidi. Say hello to my family at our next event at

One of my favorite travel memories is the gemütlichkeit of singing the bier-drinking songs of my German heritage while arm-in-arm with 10,000 of my "closest" new friends at Munich's Oktoberfest. Prost!
Kristin Sanders
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